Can I personalize TiQiT?

Of course, TiQiT can be personalized. This is possible both at project level and at user level.

TiQiT can be personalized to your company image and is then provided with the company logo with the corresponding company colors, for example. The layout can also be adjusted. This is how TiQiT gets the ‘Look & Feel’ of your company. All users then have the feeling of working in your company system.

We offer this option to our largest customers who buy different modules or use TiQiT in several construction projects.

Use TiQiT in your own house style.

Use TiQiT in your own house style.

Personalize by & for the user

But the user also determines his own settings. Of course, the user decides which notifications he wants to receive and how (by email, SMS, app). Or at what level a notification is required. So not ‘one size fits all’, but customization options to the needs of the respective user.

Users from the same company have access to the same company information. This provides a common overview and prevents misunderstandings. Users can arrange the notifications themselves (on an individual level). For example, users of the same company may receive different notifications. We call this needs-based information. Pointless alarm notifications are prevented, only the information that is currently needed is sent.

Roles and Rights

Customizing notifications does not mean that a user also has to change their Rights or get access to further information. A user only has access to the information associated with their role. The notifications and the information displayed in them are therefore also dependent on the user role. This gives you a flexible system that meets the unique user needs of each user.

The personalization of the project or the individual notifications takes place in the existing tool. This means that even though you have the experience of using your own TiQiT fitting tool, you will continue to work within the secure tool.

Personalization does not affect the function of TiQiT, nor does the Data security is guaranteed at the same high level.

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