TiQiT has different modules. The entrepreneur or logistics service provider decides for himself which modules he uses and who gets access. It is not necessary for the main user to invite all users themselves, users can often do this best themselves. After all, they know better who their suppliers and contact persons are.

Smart software modules

Base moduleThis module is always included

Base moduleBase module

The base module controls access to TiQiT and the user profiles where the user sets their own preferences, including notifications, so that they receive the right information live (by email, SMS, app or push notification). Also included is access to overviews such as; dashboard, the lean start of the day, current construction transports, appointments, weather forecast, etc. Overviews can also be printed out as PDF and Excel.

Construction ticketI'm interested

Construction ticketConstruction ticket

Construction ticket is a effective way to plan and monitor the transport of goods, including the necessary unloading and use of auxiliary equipment on the construction site. A strong grip on your logistics gives you a optimal understanding of the construction process. The unique thing about TiQiT is that you do not only plan the work, the TiQiT also informs you automatically (in real time) of any disruptions (e.g. traffic jam, vehicle breakdown) and so adjustment can be made effectively on time.

CO2 EmissionsI'm interested

CO2 EmissionsCO2 Emissions

In practice, CO2 registration is proving to be more complex and time-consuming than previously thought. TiQiT solves this and takes care of your CO2 management. Ideally if you need to comply with Carbon Registry Standard. TiQiT automatically detects the CO2 emissions. For example for vehicle calculation, thanks to smart algorithms, all you have to do is enter the license plate number an TiQiT does the rest.

NitrogenI'm interested


Construction logistics and aggregates are the main source of nitrogen (N) emissions for construction projects. In addition to nitrogen, TiQiT also measures and registers emissions of particulate matter (PM10) and CO2. This provides output metrics for future projects and the ability to execute and adjust through “real-time” monitoring. These results are confirmed by an international and independent engineering company.

Gate managementI'm interested

Gate managementGate management

TiQiT uses license plate cameras for registration and vehicle detection. A photo is taken of each passage and the number plate is automatically registered. Our link to the National Vehicle Authority/Department of motor vehicles database shows all vehicle characteristics. Together with our smart imaging software which recognizes the vehicle type, this is the basis for the automatic (!) gate and CO2 registration.

Control TowerI'm interested

Control TowerControl Tower

We support your construction logistics from our control tower module. The Control Tower module monitors the heartbeat of the construction process: the logistics. TiQiT warns your overseer about any delays and/or road works. This allows you to keep track of the flow of goods and logistics information. Problems and issues are foreseen and can be avoided thus surprises are a thing of the past which allows for a stronger grip on your construction process.

InventoryI'm interested


TiQiT has a catalog with thousands of building products and materials and uses barcodes so you can scan and work within our app without errors. You can see the amount of materials at suppliers, on site and/or at the Hub. TiQiT monitors the delivery schedule, displays deviations immediately and gives you the overview you need of all materials on site and in transit. Any damage are registered and the minimum and maximum stock is monitored.

Storage HubI'm interested

Storage HubStorage Hub

The storage hub module is an addition to the supply module. This module offers, for example, the possibility of arranging opening hours and to arrange use of unloading equipment. The storage hub module provides a dashboard overview of inbound and outbound shipments, including freight info. This allows the warehouse/HUB to focus on operational execution and its value-adding activities such as assembly and repacking.

EquipmentI'm interested


This equipment module manages maintenance, safety certificates, instructions for use, rental and returns logistics. With the convenience of TiQiT (e.g. ordering equipment through the app), you have an overview of the transport trips, reservations and all devices that are distributed both on the various construction sites and in your own depot.

TransportationI'm interested


Which the transportation module you always have overview of the approaching tickets/deliveries. With this you have full insight on the location and delivery time of easy delivery. The planning and monitoring of the delivery of goods, including the necessary unloading/auxiliary equipment on the construction site give you control. With your logistics under control, you have the construction process under control. TiQiT links with existing on-board computer systems, GPS trackers and apps for handling transport tasks.

CraneI'm interested


The use of your crane(s) and other shared auxiliary equipment is expensive and requires a large amount of coordination. Our solution: one clear overview that you manage easily. You determine which (sub)contractors/suppliers have access and what options they have, for example to which loading area they have access. You share the overview with your (selected) construction coworkers and so your team has one centralized reference point.

Innovation moduleI'm interested

Innovation moduleInnovation module

TiQiT has the worlds first multi-modal IT tool which now also works on smartphones, tablets and handheld scanners with features like RFID and photo registration. Our system also enables construction logistics transports over waterways, for example in cooperation with Amsterdam and some shipping companies we have made this available. TiQiT continuous to innovate and adapt out system to our customers needs and requirements, no construction logistics problem is too big for TiQiT.

(Crane) sensorI'm interested

(Crane) sensor(Crane) sensor

The sensor “sticks” to the crane and is not (!) connected to the electronics. You have all the information in “real time”, such as load capacity, hook height and direction of rotation. You can offset or optimize the lifting movements with your subcontractors. Insight enables 20% better planning and thus savings. In addition these findings can be used to improve (crane) safety.

Smart CameraI'm interested

Smart CameraSmart Camera

TiQiT uses smart cameras for vehicle registration and recognition. A photo is taken at each vehicle passage, and the license plate is automatically registered in our tor-module. Our connection with the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) allows us to display all the characteristics of the vehicle. Together with our intelligent software, which can also recognize foreign vehicles and vehicle type, this forms the basis for automatic gate and CO2 registration.

For more info about our Smart Cameras click here.