About TiQiT

TiQiT is an IT tool for planning and monitoring construction logistics. All modules are specially designed for construction project, to optimize the entire process. As a result there are no restrictions. This not only brings logistical overview, insight and comfort, but above all intuitive use on the construction site. This is where the success of our tool is decisive and unique.

The link in smart building. TiQiT is the tool for smart construction logistics and the backbone for planning and adjustment.

From our many years of experience in construction logistics and from our own hubs / buffer zones and implementation, we know the importance of a robust construction logistics tool.

TiQiT’s IT tool covers the all construction logistics. TiQiT offers industry-specific knowledge and in-house Software (Utrecht) with well-known international logistics customers for maintenance and continuous development. This makes the IT tool TiQiT unique as it is designed by people who understand the needs in construction logistics.

TiQiT was specially developed for construction logistics and offers the typical flexible project structure. A structure with different forms of cooperation between (sub)contractors, suppliers and transporters with the aim of planning material and equipment for this on the construction site.

TiQiT can be connected to many other existing (logistical) IT systems and can share information in “real time”. This way, each user/company can continue to use their own known IT system as TiQiT takes care of the information exchange. This results in a common overview and optimal cooperation with companies needing to change their own in-house system.

Together with our users such as entrepreneurs and logistics service providers, we continue to develop and innovate our system on a daily basis. With TiQiT you also have up-to-date knowledge and resources to successfully coordinate and monitor logistics yourself.

Why TiQiT

  • Specially developed for construction logistics
  • Current knowledge and insights
  • ​​​​​​​The right solution for every project
  • The industry’s smartest IT tool
  • Customization through interactive planning
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​By contractors for contractors
Always up to date

Always up to date
Changes on the relevant day are automatically shared with everyone (push message, SMS, e-mail & telephone)
Adjustment possible

Adjustment possible
Interactive in use. As a result, both the planning and realization can be followed live and you can immediately make adjustments where necessary.
Roles and information

Roles and information
TiQiT has 10 different roles. In this way, every user receives the information and options that are necessary for his role.
Data <br>security


100% made in NL with data servers in NL. With this we meet the highest requirements in the field of safety and continuity.