TiQiT user Roles and Permissions

User roles and rights

Every TiQiT user has the possibilities to perform their work optimally. For example, the main contractor, the driver or the subcontractor each gets their own set of options and rights. These are packed into 7 rolls. Each user is assigned a role, which includes different rights. For example, which information is visible and/or editable by this user.

In this way, a chief contractor has an overview of all the information relating to his construction site. And the supplier oversees their own requests spread for multiple construction sites.

An intuitive tool without unnecessary information

These different roles, with adjustable rights, make for an intuitive system. Unnecessary functionality and information is not shown. This means that the role determines:

  • Which information is shown to the user.
  • Which notifications the user can receive.

Automatic notifications are only sent if that user also has access to that information. The aim of these notifications is to inform the user optimally.

Targeted notifications for the user

TiQiT further distinguishes itself from the competition by having the user decide for themselves:

  • Which notifications they wants to receive.
  • When they wants to receive notifications (once a day, from a threshold or always immediately).
  • How they wants to receive notifications (via email, SMS or push messages through the app).

We call this demand-driven information. Useless notifications are prevented, only information that is useful is sent to the user.

Logistics information: In the right place & at the right time!

Which roles can modify permissions?

The fact that a user can configure their own notifications does not always mean that they can adjust  their own rights. This is only possible for the main and partial contractor. Incidentally, adjustments can always be traced back to a person. That is why TiQiT allows limited use of general email addresses (such as @gmail and @hotmail). This way you have a flexible system that also complies with very high security requirements.

With the different roles, the demand-driven automatic notifications and the intuitive use, TiQiT gives you optimal overview of your construction logistics.

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