Who develops TiQiT?

TiQiT is developed by us in cooperation with a software house in Utrecht. We provide industry-specific knowledge and the software house with well-known international logistics customers for maintenance and continuous further development.

We have chosen a young team of software developers. Meanwhile, they have developed various innovative applications in different industries. Together we turn ideas into tools. In this cooperation, the software house pays attention to aspects such as user-friendliness and Data security, while TiQiT brings industry knowledge and oversees practicality.

TiQiT: 100% made by construction professionals.

TiQiT: 100% made by construction professionals.

Short distances and clear communication

All modules in TiQiT have been completely redeveloped and there are no restrictions due to the individual solution chosen. This makes the tool flexible, adaptable and optimally suited to our industry-specific applications & connected solutions. This not only brings comfort in the logistical implementation, but above all in the intuitive usability on the construction site. It is precisely here that the success of the tool is decisive.

With continued development, functionality will be added monthly. These are functions that are of value both for our customers (construction companies and logistics service providers) and for our own construction logistics.

TiQiT continues to develop based on customer requests

The tool was built in The Netherlands and is also being further developed there. This allows individualization. However, we strive for generally applicable solutions. These solutions can be used by more customers with a construction logistics problem. These solutions are therefore cheaper (development, programming and maintenance costs) and can be implemented more quickly. This approach has so far successfully implemented adjustments.

Are you curious what TiQiT can do for you?

Please contact us at info@tiqitonline.com. We are glad to be here for you.

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