Smart Camera using connected hardware (IoT) and smart software

TiQiT uses smart cameras for vehicle registration and recognition. A photo is taken at each vehicle passage, and the license plate is automatically registered in our tor-module. Our connection with the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) allows us to display all the characteristics of the vehicle. Together with our intelligent software, which can also recognize foreign vehicles and vehicle type, this forms the basis for automatic gate and CO2 registration.

What do our smart cameras offer and why do our customers use them.

Automatic registration forms the basis for monitoring and insights. With TiQiT’s smart camera solution tor management every vehicle on the construction site is registered, providing the foundation for calculating CO2 and/or nitrogen emissions and gives insight into your construction logistics.

Thanks to automation, your overview always up-to-date and accurate; each vehicle passage is processed real-time. However, there are more reasons why automatic registration is the better choice than ‘old-school’ license plate registration in Excel, such as:

  • Every photo and registration are timestamped, avoiding later (costly) disputes. Additionally, a picture is worth a thousand words, eliminating the need for follow-up calls or investigations.
  • Registration of every vehicle day and night (even in the early dark winter months).
  • The “Our gatekeeper will take care of it” approach costs more money due to low human registration discipline and absence. In other words, hidden costs arise from incorrect and incomplete administration.

TiQiT's Smart Camera - connected hardware for tor management and emission registration

How do our smart cameras work?

The camera is placed near the entrance gate, inside the construction fences, and connected to the TiQiT Cloud via our smart unit. With this smart unit we monitor the camera’s operation and if needed can adjust the settings accordingly.

  1. Automatically, a series of photos are taken of the entire vehicle.
  2. Smart algorithms search for the license plate, and additional specific photos are automatically taken.
  3. Only the best photos are provided to our image recognition system.
  4. Our data connection with the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) retrieves all the vehicle information.
  5. For foreign vehicles or incompletely recognized license plates with no DMV information available, our smart algorithms determine the vehicle type (passenger or goods), vehicle category (such as car, tractor-trailer combination, etc.), and possible country of origin.
  6. Vehicles without license plates (such as forklifts) are recognized and separately displayed.

This analysis takes 5 to 10 seconds, so even before the truck start unloading, we have already updated the registration.

TiQiT's Smart Camera - connected hardware for tor management and emission registration

TiQiT’s Smart Camera solution for tor management uses connected hardware (IoT) and smart software for optimal registration.

The cameras similar to those used in parking garages are not up to the task, they seldom work well on construction sites. The access gates are wider, distances longer, and license plates dirtier. You need a superior camera with more advanced software, including:

• API integration with real-time vehicle information from the DMV.
• Image recognition software, both for license plates and vehicle types when license plates are incomplete or for foreign vehicles.
• Monitoring of camera status, image production, and processing.

And perhaps most importantly on a construction site, continuous monitoring of the camera’s power supply. There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering no construction vehicle registrations have taken place upon project completion because someone unplugged the camera or because the camera is broken.

We use our proprietary software in combination with our control room to monitor all cameras 24/7 fully automated, ensuring no surprises and full certainty.


Vehicle registration can be done manually or automatically. From experience, a smart camera pays for itself with as few as two deliveries per day. Photo registration provides the best insight into all conditions (day/night, incomplete license plates, foreign vehicles, etc.). TiQiT manages and monitors the entire process, ensuring complete and accurate processing of all your construction logistics on the construction site.

Measuring emissions? TiQiT’s Smart Camera solution for emission registration using connected hardware (IoT) and smart software.

When combining this system with our emission module it becomes easy to measure and record emissions.

Would you like to learn more about smart cameras and what TiQiT can do for you? Feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you.

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