Logistics under construction

The successful management and execution of a construction project begins with a solid foundation. This logically applies to the construction itself, but also to the way in which the project is implemented. It all starts with good logistics. For example, did you know that on average around 12 percent of the contract price is spent on logistics costs?

When considering logistics optimization in the construction industry, the use of HUBs/construction warehouses/construction buffer zones on the outskirts of the city for temporary material storage is often considered. In this way, goods can be delivered and removed quickly, which saves time and money. Well thought-out logistics in construction goes even further. The right approach leads to immediate savings. However, this requires the use of an IT tool for operational implementation and monitoring.

What is good construction logistics?

Logistics in construction is important, that’s clear. This also means that you have to start early with it. A lot of profit can be made both in the tendering phase and in the implementation phase. TiQiT gives an insight into the logistics processes, both in the planned and in the actual transport to, from and on the construction site. As a result, there is calm and clarity and the optimal logistical project approach can be continuously achieved.

Good logistics in construction takes into account the flow of waste, equipment and materials, including the associated transport. The possibilities in TiQiT range from the transport of goods and people to the required storage capacity and packaging unit and processing speed. The inventory in the construction HUB/warehouse or at your suppliers also finds our attention and is transparent in real time.

Green Deal logistics in construction

The ultimate goal of good logistics in construction is to save time and reduce costs. Costs for coordination, but also for transport. Socially responsible company also means: sustainability and environment. The requirements in this area are becoming increasingly strict and specific. You cannot avoid taking this into account during the construction project.

Green Deal Logistics in construction is a concept that always explicitly takes into account the consequences on the level of sustainability and the environment. In other words: reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2 emissions). This is becoming increasingly important under the influence of international agreements. Just like the responsible use of water, insights into waste production and the sustainable use of building materials. This is increasingly becoming an “obligation” by government and in EMVI (Most Economical Offer) tenders. TiQiT is happy to help you achieve these goals. We have both the knowledge and the IT tools to plan and monitor your logistics and material flow during the implementation phase. Our IT tool monitors your construction logistics in real time and your project will not have any surprises.

Innovative solutions for logistics in construction

The planning, coordination and monitoring of the transports around the construction site requires overview and effort. That’s why we offer you TiQiT, an innovative IT tool. This means you always have an overview of the construction process, wherever and whenever you want. You can also easily plan the use of the required unloading and lifting equipment (crane, site lift, etc.). This interactive tool was developed by contractors for contractors.

Besides the fact that TiQiT can be used on any device in real time, the system also communicates seamlessly with key systems within your own chain. You set your own notifications so that you are informed in good time of problems or bottlenecks. Waiting times and ambiguities are a thing of the past. Transport planning, crane planning and equipment planning are contained in one system, in one overview. That makes you responsive.

Your choice for demanding construction logistics

Are you looking for a proven and competent IT tool to monitor or process your construction logistics? For example, would you like some insight into the right approach to logistics? We’re here to help. TiQiT is ready to manage the logistics of your construction project quickly and efficiently.

For more information about our services and what we can do for you, please contact us at info@tiqitonline.com.