How important are good construction site logistics?

Good logistics on and around the construction site makes the difference in terms of saving time, sustainability and costs. Construction site logistics therefore deserve more attention than it often gets. For example, did you know that around 12% of the total contract price is spent on logistics? Which means there is still a lot of costs reduction that can be achieved in this area.

The TiQiT construction tool was developed for especially to be tailored to your specific construction situation. In addition, the construction site logistics can be closely monitored with TiQiT. Giving you a overview of all the construction logistics on and to the site, including ‘just-in-time’ deliveries.

Good construction logistics.

Smart logistics around and on the construction site.

Lean start of the day: the basis for precise construction logistics

The logistic planning of a construction project usually takes place in advance. We primarily take a long-term view. However, by now you know that plans are regularly derailed by last minute changes or problems. Then flexibility, appropriate action and, above all, overview is required to get back on track.

Overview of logistics facilities

TiQiT via the Lean start-of-day function shows you daily / weekly overviews so you can see everything at once and see what possible logistics bottlenecks there are. Is a road closed nearby? TiQiT shows it to you so you can act on it for the last minute adjustment. Seeing weather forecasts and possible improvements in construction traffic are also easy to view.

Save costs with smart construction site logistics

With efficient construction logistics you can save a lot on costs. With TiQiT you can completely organize the logistics yourself. Why send construction transport unnecessary to the construction site? You can easily save yourself unnecessary transport, emissions, hassle and more importantly, TiQiT prevents transports that are unplanned from showing up unexpected. Giving you all the focus on the building process.

Efficient device planning

Overall, the number of vehicle movements can even be reduced by 69%. Because everything is perfectly coordinated in the overview, trucks almost never have to wait unnecessarily. This creates 30% less traffic problems and less nuisance for local residents also it reduces CO2 emissions by 68%. Altogether you can save up to 60% transport costs with the smart construction logistics with TiQiT.

Sustainable construction logistics thanks to innovative IT tools

In addition to transport planning, Combining crane planning and device planning in one overview, TiQiT also offers many options in the field of sustainable construction. Thanks to the practical emissions module, CO2 is easy to register. Fully automated emission registration and administration: TiQiT calculates the obligatory sustainability points/credits using calculation methods such as BREEAM or the CO2 performance ladder.

Sustainable and circular transports

The TiQiT tool can also be used to ensure that the construction transport can also take back waste from the the construction site. This is how you kill two birds with one stone: For example the trucks can take rubble on their way back. How to save with a smart construction site logistics not only reduce costs, but also create a sustainable logistics approach.

Continuous improvements in construction site logistics

When you use TiQiT, you have the assurance of having a tool that is always up to date with the latest technological standards and innovation. Thanks to user feedback, the system is constantly being further developed. This way, your suggestions and improvements are implemented very quickly. TiQiT can be used in real time on any device and communicates seamlessly with the important systems within your chain.

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