How do I organize my construction transport as efficiently as possible?

On average, the logistics costs within a construction project amount to around 12% of the total contract price. This is a significant cost where a lot can be saved. More and more construction companies and contractors are seeing that efficient organization of construction logistics, especially construction transportation, can play an important role in cost reduction.

TiQiT is a IT tool developed specifically for careful planning and monitoring the construction logistics of your construction project. The key-phrases are real-time overview and just-in-time & Just-in-Place delivery. With the help of TiQiT you can arrange and plan construction transports so that all inventory arrives at the right destination at exactly the right time. This prevents delays and thus less time wasted.

TiQiT efficient construction logistics

Efficient transportation

Plan and arrange construction transports from A to Z

With TiQiT, as a construction company or contractor, you provide the latest knowledge and resources to regulate and monitor the construction logistics for your project. With the help of this tool you ensure that the building materials arrive on time, in the right amount and at the right place. With the TiQiT solution you have a live view of your logistics, save on logistics costs, avoid traffic problems and reduce nuisance caused by construction transport.

Without an adequate procedure, transport disruptions lead to construction delays and thus to (downtime) costs. With TiQiT faults are immediately visible so that direct action can be taken do solve the problem. Thanks to the live overview, also in the app, your planning can be adjusted immediately and anywhere to adjust to any situations.

Sustainable construction traffic thanks to innovative IT tools

Nowadays, as a construction company or contractor, you have to be more and more explicit about the environment and surroundings. TiQiT also offers many savings opportunities in this area. By properly organizing your construction logistics, you can achieve up to 69% fewer vehicle movements. So that your construction transport is only on the road if it is fully loaded or as a bundled construction transport, therefore transports are more effective and fewer deliveries are required.

The logical consequence of this is that the traffic problems and the annoyance caused by construction transport will decrease significantly. This reduces CO2 emissions up to 68% and allows you to reduce the cost of your construction transport by 60%. The use of this innovative IT tool is therefore not only sustainable and beneficial for the environment, but also makes a significant difference in the final construction costs. In addition, at least 95% of all your goods arrive at the right place at the right time.

Display the logistics of construction transportation per day

Each day is different, even on the construction site. This makes planning far in advance more difficult. TiQiT therefore has the option for a Lean start of the day. In this daily overview you can see all possible bottlenecks, weather forecasts and (possible improvements) for the planned activities per day. All in a live daily overview, so you can adjust in time for optimal efficiently.

You can decide on short notice that the construction transport should take place at a more favorable time. For example, if there is a delay due to an unexpected event or if there are problems on the site. TiQiT gives you direct daily insight into the situation on and around the construction site.

A better and more precise building tool

TiQiT’s construction tool continuously develops and improves. We put all our construction and logistics knowledge and experience into it, we build the tool for you and with you. Together with our users (entrepreneurs/logistics service providers) we ensure continuous develop the tool. In addition, TiQiT has existing project modules that you can easily adapt to your project requirements.

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