How do I apply sustainable construction transport?

Today sustainable construction logistics is becoming the norm and for this efficient construction planning is essential. Smart and modern construction logistics will play an increasingly important role. Not only because of the ever stricter regulations, but also for cost reduction reasons. TiQiT is a practical IT tool for achieving efficient, sustainable low cost construction logistics. .

Customized logistics planning

With TiQiT you can create your own customized logistics plan, which greatly simplifies just-in-time delivery. Since the tool works real time, delays are immediately visible and can be responded to appropriately. Bundling construction deliveries reduces the annoyance caused by construction traffic and this considerably simplifies the realization of sustainable construction traffic.

Sustainable construction traffic.

How do I apply sustainable construction transport?

Reduce construction traffic nuisance with TiQiT

Construction traffic is necessary, but can irritate residents and has negative impact on the environment. Today sustainable logistics is a hot topic. Using our smart construction logistics IT solutions it is possible to substantially reduce the number of required deliveries leading to significant less disruption from construction traffic.

Reduced emissions

With TiQiT smart construction logistics solution CO2 emissions are reduced by approx. 68%. These favorable effects on the environment are also of great value for you as a contractor or builder, for example in Economically Most Advantageous Tender (EMAT’s). In addition, it has been found that construction costs are typically 1% to 5% lower with smart construction logistics. For example, transportation costs can be reduced by 60%. Not considering that no less than 95% (!) percent of the goods will arrive at the right place at the right time.

Bundled construction deliveries to save construction costs

Around 30% of freight traffic on the road is construction-related. However, the average utilization rate is around 40% meaning that there are many invisible losses. With TiQiT this is a thing of the past. With this IT tool you can carefully and precisely plan which transport should arrive where and when. You can see if the freight is already delivered to the suppliers or to theĀ  Storage / Hubs to be bundled and delivered on site ‘just-in-time’.

Good for people and the environment

TiQiT thus makes a concrete contribution to significantly fewer vehicle movements. As a result, fewer transports are required to bring the required materials to the construction site. This leads to less nuisance, but above all to sustainable construction traffic. Emissions and traffic jams are lowered (less freight traffic). All of this has led to a further reduction in emissions and transport costs. People and the environment benefit greatly from this.

Organize and plan sustainable construction transport yourself

Until recently, creating a smart construction logistics plan was a time-consuming process. However, by combining everything related to planning, transport and inventory management into one convenient tool, it becomes much easier. Both planning and implementation. You have insight into the construction logistics on and around your project(s) at anytime, from anywhere and on any device.

Made by builders for builders

And if a problem arises, such as an unforeseen delay, you can immediately see and react to it in TiQiT. This tool was developed by contractors for contractors, which means that we have developed a tool based on our many years of practical experience in the construction industry, in which all our knowledge and experience was invested. In addition, development never stands still: we are constantly expanding and refining the possibilities. For example, to further improve sustainable construction traffic.

Improve your construction logistics easily

Would you like to know how you can use practical IT solutions to improve the logistics of your construction project quickly and efficiently? Then contact one of our experts. We would be happy to explain how TiQiT can make a significant difference in your situation, for example by reducing the annoyance caused by construction traffic and promoting sustainability.

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