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construction loading & unloading zone

Timely delivery of building materials and other goods is crucial to keep the logistics around a construction project tightly organised. Thanks to a set-up locations (loading and unloading zones), fast and adequate delivery can be guaranteed. These locations on the construction site offers construction transport the opportunity to quickly load or unload goods using a tower crane or telescopic handler. This time and energy when execution these tasks.

To prevent multiple parties from using the same loading & unloading zones (especially in the morning), loading traffic will have to be managed properly. This prevents queues and reduces the costs in time and money. A queue also poses a danger to other road users, such as other waiting trucks and other traffic suck as school busses and residential traffic, less construction traffic congestion means less costs and less complaints from other road users.

Deployment location within construction logistics

In order not to lose time and to ensure that the construction proceeds quickly and smoothly, good logistics is indispensable. The installation location plays an important role here: after all, it is important to prevent chaos. If several trucks arrive at one of the construction sites at the same time, this requires immediate attention. This unnoticed leads to an increased stress level and is at the expense of the focus for the construction process. This can cause problems, with loss of time and money as the main consequence.

What is a construction ticket tool?

A construction ticket is a modern and extremely efficient way to keep an overview. With a building ticket in the advanced TiQiT tool you have an overview of both the availability of the installation location and the required unloading equipment. The tool automatically coordinates with the relevant driver a few hours before delivery, so that it is sent to the correct port. He also receives the latest route instructions on his phone. In other words: just before delivery, freight traffic should be exactly where it should be, and at what time.

Set-up site with innovative construction ticket tool

The innovative TiQiT tool gives you real-time information about the planning and progress of your construction project at any time of the day. In addition, you get clear and transparent insight into the stock of materials. You can see per day which bottlenecks threaten to arise on or around the construction site. TiQiT therefore not only contributes to better logistics around the installation location, but also offers a lot of other advantages.

Sustainably and effectively plan construction site deliveries

By making smart use of TiQiT you also realize your socially responsible objective when it comes to safety, accessibility and congestion. Thanks to a good logistical organization for the use of an installation site, you can build more efficiently and faster. That means fewer vehicle movements, less nuisance and therefore much less CO2 emissions.

Load & unloading zone: more efficient and clearer

Does your construction site already use a loading & unloading site? Then we can also help you to organize and deploy more effectively with our smart TiQiT app. You can easily plan, coordinate and monitor transports to and from the loading zone yourself with the construction ticket app. Among other things, the driver is automatically sent the route for that day. If anything changes occur, these changes will automatically be passed on. Think of a last-minute notification of a gate change or an update for a new expected arrival time at the construction site (for example due to a traffic jam). This way you always have the most recent transport information at the construction site.

This gives you an overview and the possibility to spend your own time and use of unloading equipment more efficiently. Waiting and ambiguities are a thing of the past. All your construction logistics in one overview via the TiQiT multi-device application and of course on your phone.

Saving costs and having more control over your construction logistics

The efficiency benefits you achieve thanks to the many possibilities of the TiQiT app can add up considerably. This translates directly into fewer waiting hours and lower costs. But more importantly: with more control over your logistics, you have more focus for your construction process. With our tools you can focus on your core task which generates the most revenue, construction. A smart organization around the loading & unloading zone(s) – using the most modern technology – will be of great benefit.

Improve construction logistics with an loading & unloading zone and IT tool?

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to coordinate and monitor your freight and construction traffic around the construction site? The TiQiT tool takes the tedious and time-consuming work off your hands and ensures streamlined logistics. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities with regard to construction logistics, savings and planning.

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