Pricing and Return on Investment (ROI) for TiQiT

Price and ROI | construction ticket module

To use TiQiT you pay a fixed price per module, regardless of the number of transports and users. You can determine which modules you need each month, so that TiQiT can optimally match your construction process.

A lot of research has been done on construction sites, for example, the use of a building ticket system.

Transport planning without a system takes a lot of time

  • A lot of phones calls are made, often when the (sub)contractors behind the scenes of the planning board.
  • Quick notes on small pieces of paper about transports, end up disappearing in pockets and get lost…
  • Back on the planning board it turns out that the transports don’t fit after all, so we end up having to call again (time and money lost).

This error-prone process can go more efficient and cheaper by using our system(s).

Benefits and Return on investment with TiQiT

The time required for transports go from 44 minutes to 28 minutes. This already yields 16 minutes of profit per ride (or $ 45 per hour). That is a saving of $ 12 per transport trip.

Transports are faster and hassle-free

  • The doorman needs 6 minutes less time (at $ 20 per hour); the saving is $ 2 per ride.
  • The subcontractor needs 3 minutes less time (at $ 35 per hour); the saving is $ 2 per ride.
  • The operator needs 3 minutes less time (at $ 45 per hour); the saving is $ 2 per ride.

The total saving in this example is 28 minutes, or $ 18 per transport trip.

Most importantly: TiQiT gives you an overview of your logistics which allows for more time & focus for your construction project.

Conclusion: price and ROI period

  • The license costs of TiQiT ($ 75 per week) are already earned back with 4 trips per week.
  • The implementation gives more time and focus for the construction process.
  • A shared overview has many more benefits for everyone. This is included with no charge.

Curious about what TiQiT can do for you?

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