What is the importance of a construction ticket tool?

A construction ticket tool is indispensable these days. It helps you to plan and manage the logistics on and around the construction site, and can be used for many other purposes. The construction ticket module in TiQiT is one of the most advanced and intuitive tools currently available.

With this module, construction transport and the flow of goods from, to and on the construction site can be planned and monitored. It also offers many other useful features.

construction ticket system tool

Insight into logistics.

Clear and concise planning

A construction ticket created with TiQiT gives you a complete and clear insight into the entire logistics process. This also allows the use/booking of the required unloading and lifting equipment, such as a lattice boom crane or a construction hoist, to be well planned. Efficient planning, excellent coordination and monitoring of logistics can result in major efficiency gains and reduction in costs.

What is construction logistics?

Construction logistics, simply put, describes everything to do with planning, coordination and monitoring on and around the construction site. This includes the delivery and removal of the required materials, the proper handling of freight traffic and (preferably) delivery according to the just-in-time principle. Goods and materials need to be in the right place at exactly the right time so that they can be processed immediately.

What are the advantages of TiQiT’s construction ticket system?

If the materials arrive too early, they must be stored on site. This can lead to theft, damage and loss. If the building material arrives too late, personnel cannot continue working and the construction can come to a halt. As an entrepreneur this can cost you valuable time and money. With a clear and good planning with a construction ticket, you have overview and can make adjustments. You have your construction logistics under control and can avoid these problems.

Construction ticket to save costs

Time is money, it’s that simple. When materials arrive late or your cargo is stuck due to an unforeseen supply shortage, your construction schedule is disrupted and costs increase. Therefore, the building site logistics are important. This is of course about long-term planning – certainly in the case of a major project -as well as short-term. Your planning and thus your construction ticket system must be flexible.

Logistics overview in real time

TiQiT includes a Lean Start of Day module. This means that the logistics bottlenecks are displayed per day, so you can react to them at any time. You can also see where the trucks, the type and volume of the deliveries and where problems may arise. You can also see the weather forecasts per day including wind speed for your crane movements to know if adjustment are needed.

Construction ticket tool as a sustainable overall solution

Not only you or your company, but also the environment benefits from well planned construction logistics. careful and well-coordinated planning leads to 69% fewer vehicle movements and thus 30% less annoyance caused by freight traffic. Pleasant for local residents and also much better for the environment. This makes it easier to achieve sustainability goals.

Efficient, sustainable and just-in-time

Overall, better coordination of freight traffic to and from the construction site can lead to a reduction in transport. With at least 95% of goods arriving at the right place at the right time, drivers never have to wait. This not only saves money, but also protects the environment and prevents a lot of nuisance caused by construction traffic.

TiQiT also includes an emissions module that simplifies the collection and calculation of CO2 and Nitrogen emissions using a common calculation method (e.g. BREEAM).

Intelligent and innovative construction ticket system

The intelligent and interactive construction ticket system TiQiT can be used at any time on any device. The system communicates seamlessly with the systems within your own chain and can therefore also be used as a supplement. In addition, the tool is continuously developed based on customer feedback and input. It is therefore increasingly tailored to your wishes and situation.

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