Innovation Award 'Next Level'

Innovation Award TiQiT

TiQiT, the IT tool for smart construction logistics, won another award just before Christmas and we are happy to share this news. This is the second time TiQiT has won an award since its launch. We dare to speak of a successful implementation and execution of our company.

Stimulating innovative companies

We have received national incentive for further innovation, provided by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, implemented by the Province of South Holland. This is an incentive for innovative companies, provided that this innovation contributes to a social tasks of emission reduction.

Dutch Top Sectors

Not just any social task, one that also contributes to the top position of the Netherlands in the world. Because a top position in the world is not self-evident we have to remain competitive and innovative. This is why the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy encourages sectors in which the Netherlands is a global leader to distinctive themselves, these ‘Top Sectors’ are; Water & Maritime, HighTech Systems & Materials and Chemistry. Naturally, Logistics also belongs to these Top Sectors.

IT tools for the construction industry

A large part of the logistics sector is construction related. Our experience in this niche sector over the past few years shows that there is a need for innovative IT tools. Smart solutions for everyday challenges. Smart IT tools for smart construction logistics.

Our market survey(s) show that there are specific requirements for these IT tools. These requirements include real-time data sharing, interactive use, overview and, above all, user friendliness. Convenience for the supplier, main contractor and the construction worker.

The innovation of TiQiT

TiQiT has now measured itself against the most innovative companies & solutions in the Netherlands. Large well-known companies that have been around for decades. The result? TiQiT had the highest score when it comes to innovation in the Logistics Top Sector. And that is something we are proud of.

This prize includes a money sum as an impulse for the further development of our innovative IT tool(s) to makes TiQiT an even better system.

Plans for the future

We will continue to develop our Control Tower, so that the logistics chains that converge at the project location and can be managed even more efficiently. Both in planning and in actual implementation, the whole construction process in one overview.

This means even better (live) information exchange between suppliers, wholesalers, drivers and construction hub operators. In shot everywhere logistics meet. This results in time savings, cost savings and more sustainable logistics. We are ready for the future of construction!

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